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When a patient is on hospice and lives in an assisted living or nursing facility, hospice supplements the care being provided by the facility staff. We provide medications, supplies and durable medical equipment related to the patient’s terminal illness.

We strive to help keep your patients in your facility, their home.

Our staff can conduct in-services on hospice and end of life care, as well as a variety of other topics. Contact your local office for more information or to request an in-service.

Angels Care Hospice can add value to your facility by:

  • Collaborating with your staff to combine our expertise in order to optimize the care of the patient
  • Providing psychosocial and spiritual support to the patient and family
  • Working with families to coordinate end of life decisions and completing Advanced Directives
  • Supporting other residents and facility staff with bereavement support after the death of a patient
  • Working together to reduce patient falls and hospitalizations
  • Having staff available anytime, day or night, for pain and symptom assessment and management

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